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Top Ten Travel Destinations in 2016

Top ten travel destinations we have today will complete your preferences in choosing the best place to travel. It is still in the beginning of the year. It is not late, yet, to plan and choose the best city to visit with your loved one. Japan, Thailand, California, Bali are popular places you have heard before. This year, try to visit some places that are not that popular. They offer you stunning experience to feel in this grateful year.


When you hear about this country, your imagination wander to the existence of Dracula. The mountainous area is perfect for those who like enjoying nature. You can camp and hike the Carpathian Mountains, and explore the Painted Monasteries there. Experience the medieval cities which are surrounded by traditional villages.


The second top ten travel destinations in 2016 is Latvia. Here, you can enjoy bird watching from the observation towers in Kemeri National Park. You also can find the Latvian open Air Ethnographic Museum, the largest and the oldest museum in Europe that has historic structures and activities from bread making and ice fishing.


This is the place where you can see the Dead Sea. This also a home for more than 300 plant species. The nature offers you desert lowlands, include the world’s lowest area, 410 meters below the sea level.


It is the Black Sea which stun the tourists all over the world. The mountainous terrain is perfect for climbing and hiking. Historical artifacts from Romans and Thracians era will attract you  to visit this country.


If you like outdoor activities, Israel can be an alternative to visit. Hiking the Masada and the Lagilee, and floating on salt water in Dead Sea, or doing some water sports in Mediterranean beaches will become interesting activities to do.


They have slogan, the Little Big Country which reflects the Carpathian Mountains they have at the north. This country scores high in tourism health, infrastructure, and hygiene.


With small population, and great in natural resources, the various landscape of the Atacama desert, the lakes and mountains of Patagonia, and also the home of the famous fjords, this country will be great to visit this year.


The next we have is Estonia, which the country is full of forest, hiking trails, lakes,  rivers, and marshes. They have many national parks, beaches, limestone cliffs, and islands.


This is the part of the former Yugoslavia. Just like another country in Mediterranean, this country also offers perfect places for river rafting, cycling, and hiking. They have more than 8,000 caves to visit. If you want to enjoy the night life of Slovenia, try their campground.

Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov is the UNESCO World Heritage site. They are famous of its castle and architecture. And you can find them in this country. Besides the natural attraction, try to visit these top ten travel destinations.

World best Tourist Place for Your Next Holiday

The world best tourist place will surely give you a perfect holiday. There are some best tourist places that you choose as your holiday destination. Some of these places are located in modern cities and others are quite secluded. Here are five tourist places to visit in the world.


London is a wonderful metropolitan city. It has a mix of historical and modern landmarks. There are so many attractions in London that one visit is not enough. While you are in this city you must not miss to visit Big Ben Clock Tower, Windsor Castle, Hyde Park, British Museum, and National Gallery. This vibrant city also offers you with great night entertainment. You will need to plan at least a week of London holiday if you want to explore this city completely.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small island in South Pacific and part of the French Polynesia. This island has a dormant volcanoes rising in the middle of the island. It is one of the best islands in the world. Bora Bora offers you with great resort and friendly locals. While you are visiting this island, you will see gorgeous lagoon, lushes jungle, sunny skies, and other tropical beauties. You can do many activities in this island. Some of them are snorkeling, hiking, and exploring the city. Having a holiday in this island is expensive. So, make sure that you have the budget for it.


Paris is one of the most famous tourist places in the world. The City of Lights is a perfect holiday destinations for couples and families. Your Paris holiday will not be perfect without the Eiffel Tower, Champ Elysees, Louvre, and Versailles Palaces.  Aside from these tourist attractions, you must also explore wonderful arrondissements or districts.


Maui can be your perfect choice for a Hawaiian holiday. This island offers you with every taste of all the Hawaiian Islands. It has wonderful beaches, wildlife, and culture. There are many activities you can do while you are holidaying in this island. You can go golfing, snorkeling, sunbathing, and exploring the island.

Rio de Janeiro

This marvelous city has gorgeous scenery on every angle. It has fantastic white-sand beaches, beautiful mountain, and striking statue. You must not miss to go to Ipanema, Copacobana, Christ the Redeemer and witness Rio’s Carnival.

So which one of those holiday destination you will choose? Make sure that you plan for a holiday in this world best tourist place with care so that you’ll get the best holiday in your life.

List of Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Winter

If you are planning to have a holiday this winter, you must take a look at these top 10 tourist destinations in winter. This list features both snowy winter holiday and sunny winter holiday. Here they are.

  1. Les Trois Vallees in France

It is the best place for skiing in the world. This tourist destination is located in the Alps, France. There are several ski resorts you can find in this region. Some of them are five-starred resort while others are less flashy. For better skiing experience, you can choose Val Torens. It is the highest ski resort.

  1. Lanai, Hawaii

If you want to have sunny winter holiday, you can choose Lanai, Hawaii. This small island offers you with blissful holiday experience. In this island, you can enjoy breathtaking white-sand beach. There are many holiday activities you can do in this island. This quiet island is a perfect gateaway from your busy lifestyle.

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is another winter holiday destination you can consider. This warm city can be your perfect gateaway from the cold winter. In this city, you can visit a remarkable museums and beautiful beaches. You can also enjoy great foods and wonderful parties.

  1. Park City, Utah

Park City is a perfect for you who want to enjoy the snow. This region has the biggest ski resort in the U.S. Park City Ski Resort has 7,300 acres for skiing. This resort is connected to another ski resort in the Canyons.

  1. Punta del Este, Uruguay

If you want an expensive winter holiday, you can visit Punta del Este. This city is a popular New Year holiday destination. The main attractions of this tourist destination are beaches and nightclubs.

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami is always sunny. In winter, the weather in this city is perfect for holiday. While you are in Miami, you can witness great festivals and breathtaking beach.

  1. Lake Louis Ski Resort, Canada

Lake Louis Ski Resort is located in Banff National Park, Canada. This national park is a world heritage site. This ski resort has stunning view which will make your winter holiday more memorable.

  1. Oman

Most people love to have a holiday in Dubai. But, if you want a more secluded holiday, you must choose Oman as your next holiday destination. It has beautiful secluded beaches, spa resorts, and isolated desserts.

  1. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park looks spectacular in winter. Its red canyon topped with white snow will amaze any holiday makers. Visiting this national park will save you from crowd.

  1. Martinique

This Carribean island offers you with tropical rainforests, white-sand beaches, and French cuisine. You can also enjoy parties and shopping spree. So, which one of these top 10 tourist destinations in winter you will choose?

List of Top Tourist Destinations on Budget

Can ones have a holiday in one of the top tourist destinations in the world with limited budget? Well, the answer is yes. There are some holiday destinations in the world which offer you with low cost foods, transportation, and accommodation. Here are some of them.


Morocco is an exotic holiday destination. It offers you with low living cost. That’s why it is perfect for you who are having a holiday on a budget. This country has various choices of tourist attractions. Some of them are striking waterfalls, beaches, mountains, and other beautiful landscapes. While you are in this country, you can also enjoy a trip to the dessert. It will make you back in time to past since you will be riding on a camel in this trip.

Thrace Region, Turkey

Thrace Region can be your alternative for holiday on budget in this country. This region is different from Istanbul. Its culture is affected by Greece and Bulgaria cultures. In this region, you will see beautiful hills, boutique wineries, and vines.


Budapest is a unique town that offers you with affordable living cost. There are several tourist attractions in this city. Some of them are Lake Balaton, memorials, and museums. This town is also perfect for parties.


Having a holiday in Croatia will not make you broke. This country is full of tourist attractions. You can spend your summer holiday in coastal town such as Dubrovnik and Split.


Holidaying in Malaysia is perfect for you who are on a budget. This Asian country has various tourist destinations and offers fun holiday activities. Some of the attractions are Langkawi Island, Legoland, and Batu Caves. It is perfect both for family holiday and honeymoon.  Aside from the beautiful tourist attractions, you can also enjoy great foods. Malaysia is a multicultural country. Here, you can try Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine in low budget.


Barcelona is an attractive town which you can visit with low holiday budget. There are many bars in this town. You can have fulfilling lunch without spending too much money. Aside from bar hopping, you can also enjoy beautiful beach, gorgeous arts, and historical landmarks.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has stunning beaches, caves, and great local foods. While you are in this country, you must not miss to go fishing and island hopping.

Now, you can have choices of top tourist destinations in the world on budget to choose.

Defining Best tourist Place in World

Best tourist place in world might change from time to time. The change comes from a variety of factors including the trend amongst the travelers. Although that the best place might change from time to time, it’s possible for one place to stay on top of the list for the long time. In the year 2016, a lot of people think of London as the best destination. Istanbul and Marrakech come in second and third place followed by Paris in fourth place and Siem Reap in the fifth place. These places are popular and considered as the best because of a variety of reasons.

Beautiful Places and Fun Activities

Why London can be considered being the best amongst the best? For many travelers, London a great place that offers so many things even travelers can easily get overwhelmed. Most of visitors will god sightseeing the Buckingham Palace and Tower of London. Although that some people think of these two as nothing special, a lot of visitors still come to see them. More places can be visited here in London such as the National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Cabinet War Rooms. In addition to that, the facilities like restaurants with tasty foods and comfortable hospitalities make people love London even more.

Istanbul and Marrakech are loved by almost the similar reasons as London. Istanbul is a unique city where Asia and Europe meet. The city has long history that can be seen through centuries-old mosques and churches. The markets here co-existed with modern nightclubs, restaurants and galleries. Marrakech at the other hand is a city located in Morocco and famous for the market where visitors will come and might spend all day long there doing various things. This also includes watching the performance of the snake charmer.

Considering A Place to Be Visited in A Trip

The places dubbed as the best will certainly attract attention of many. It’s not difficult to see why they will be popular because more people will expect the same thing. Certainly, opinions might change in time when one visits one place and see everything with his own eyes. A place called best tourist place doesn’t always be the best for particular people. This comes from personal preferences and experiences. Every individual expects different things from a trip and it’s an obvious thing. But everyone wish to be able to find their personal best tourist place in world.

The Various Opinions of Most Beautiful Place in the World

Most beautiful place in the world is a subject of debates. There are so many beautiful places in this world and different definitions of beautiful places. It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone can come up with their own version of most beautiful place. Someone can say that Paris is a beautiful city but some people will say that it’s boring. Someone can say that Borobudur Temple is beautiful and others will agree but refuse to say that it’s the most beautiful. People can debate about it every day and every night without even being able to come to a conclusion of the most beautiful place.

Beautiful Places around the World

Many places in the world can be considered as beautiful places. It’s not just about places with natural beauty but also cities built by mankind. Florence, Paris, Sydney, Vancouver and Venice are often mentioned as beautiful cities. Ancient ruins built by mankind with or without surrounded with natural and beautiful sceneries. Angkor Wat in Vietnam and the ruins of Petra in Jordan are good examples for ancient ruins considered being very beautiful. Bagan in Myanmar and Machu Pichu in Peru are also beautiful with the mix of something built by mankind and natural sceneries.

People don’t always use the word beautiful to describe beauty of one place. People use the words stunning, breathtaking, amazing, unbelievable, fantasy-like and others. Tianzi Mountains in China is amazingly beautiful. The diversity of sea dwellers in Raja Ampat, Indonesia is unbelievable and the sceneries are breathtaking. Meteora valley in Greece is stunning. For many times, people just can’t truly describe the beauty of one place. For many times, the beauty refers to particular event in particular place such as the occurrence of aurora in particular time in the poles.

Enjoying the Beauties without Debating

There are so many beautiful places in the world. It would be even nicer to be able to enjoy them without even debating over the most beautiful place. Every place in the world considered being one of the most beautiful like Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia deserves appreciation. Every place has unique aspect that captivates the hearts of many people. Beautiful places are not always need to be something to do with natural sceneries. A city of concrete and skyscrapers can be beautiful too but in an entirely different. In the end, everyone has different answer about the most beautiful place in the world.

Checking Out the Most Popular Holiday Destinations and Consider Them

Most popular holiday destinations will always be interesting to be checked. Popular means more travelers. There are tons of holiday destinations around the world. They can be categorized based on various things. But even with these categories, there are some destinations those attracting a lot of people and becoming notably more popular than the others. There are various factors why a destination is more popular compare to the others. These factors include facilities, hospitality, tourist attractions, cultures and a lot more tidbits or fun facts about the particular destinations.

Popular Countries and Cities as Holiday Destinations

When talking about popular destinations for holidays, one cannot avoid talking about countries and cities. Usually, the most popular cities will be located in the popular countries for holiday destinations. Amongst the many countries around the world, France is known to be the most popular country. This European country has been visited by millions of travelers from many places of the world. It receives around 16 million more travelers compare to United States. Aside of these two countries: China, Spain as well as Italy are also popular. All of them are popular for different reasons and naturally, the different tourist attraction.

France’s popularity mostly comes from Paris which is known as the most romantic city in the world or so what people say. The capital of France, Paris receives millions of visitors in every year. Eiffel Tower becomes the main attraction for visitors. What about the United States? For this one country, most people come to visit Las Vegas Strip. Yes, it is the one place where visitors can enjoy their time drinking, eating, partying and even gambling to their hearts’ content. This place receives approximately 30 million visitors who all of them wish to have fun and forget about stressful things.

Are These Places Good To Be Visited?

The answer to this particular question really depends on every individual. Every traveler expects different things in a trip. Some people expect to have fun in the middle of Las Vegas. Some other might want to enjoy more unique cities like Venice in Italy. Every traveler has reasons of traveling around and by considering various things, the ideal tourist destination will change as well. Just remember that popular doesn’t always mean that it will be really good for one’s personality and reason for a trip. One may want to spend time to other place aside of the most popular holiday destinations.

Choosing One of the Tourist Places in the World for Holiday Destination

Tourist places in the world are ready to welcome anyone. As long as you have money, you can go pretty much everywhere you want. What you need to do is to choose the destination. Although that it sounds easy, sometimes choosing the destination for a trip can come as difficult for some people. Maybe, you get stuck in between two options or maybe other reasons? Don’t be too worry about it. You can properly plan your holiday trip. You can choose the good places to be visited by considering a variety of things.

The Reasons to Travel

Finding reasons to travel might seem to be petty thing you need not to worry about but it’s necessary to think about it. WHY? This is an important question. Don’t ever embark on a trip simply because you want to travel. This reason will help you to narrow down your options. For most of the time, people travel because they want to spend time to stay away from loads of work and the stress caused by them. Visiting new places and trying a variety of activities are often thought as refreshing. Some people might have other reasons such as having culinary adventure. So, what is your reason?

The Kind of Trip You Want

Take your time to imagine yourself in the middle of a travel. What kind of travel it would be? Do you prefer a trip filled with adventurous activities or a trip filled with quality time to relax? Do you prefer to go to the beach or to go to the mountains? Will you stay in the cities or the countryside? Do you want a luxury trip or mid-range trip or even budget trip? There are so many questions that can lead you to the best place to be visited in your vacation trip.

Timing and Budget

These two are obviously important. You can’t go to a holiday for all year long. You need to choose the perfect time to go. You might already have the date of your trip and what you need to do is choose destination with best weather during the time of your trip. You need to also consider the length of your trip. Ultimately, you need to consider your budget. If you travel to other countries, consider the currency exchange as well. Depending on what you have, you can get different experiences from different tourist places in the world.

Checking the List of Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the World for 2016

Top 10 tourist destinations in the world will certainly attract a lot of people. The more popular the tourism destinations, the more often they will be mentioned and the more people will get curious and eventually interested to visit them. When talking about top tourism destinations, there will be changes from time to time. At one time, a city might be on top but might go down due to the change in trends. The trends in tourism will be affected by a variety of reasons. It could be seasons, new attractions and a lot more.

The Popular Destinations as of Now

Right now, in the year 2016, France is still known as a country visited the most by tourists from various places around the world. France and the capital city, Paris is very popular but in the first trimester of 2016, many travelers choose London instead. According to a survey conducted by the popular website for travelers, TripAdvisor, London is the top destination and Paris must be satisfied in fourth place. The top 10 destinations are as the followings:

  1. London, in England
  2. Istanbul, in Turkey
  3. Marrakech, in Morocco
  4. Paris, in France
  5. Siem Reap, in Cambodia
  6. Prague, in Czech Republic
  7. Rome,in Italy
  8. Hanoi, in Vietnam
  9. New York,in USA
  10. Ubud, in Indonesia

According to the chief marketing officer of TripAdvisor, Barbara Messing, The list was made by checking and calculating the booking interest as well as the feedback made by the traveler community within TripAdvisor. As mentioned earlier, this is a trend that will eventually change due to various reasons. By the mid of 2016, the list may change again and some of these tourism destinations will shift their places or even getting kicked out of the list. One thing for sure, the list will be good to be used as references.

References for Good Destinations

Sometimes, people get confuse on which place to be visited for a holiday and a list like this will generally be very helpful. If you are planning to go somewhere for a holiday and you don’t know where to go, a quick look to the places in the list might help. In the process, you can consider a variety of things including the budget and what you expect from those places. You can always take a little bit of time to research and to consider each one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations in the World

You must check this list of top 10 holiday destinations if you are planning to travel around the globe. This world is full with wonderful places. Having a holiday in these places will surely enrich your life experience. Here are the top 10 tourist attractions you must visit.

#1 Iceland

Iceland is very cool. This small country hides many breathtaking attractions. If you never see Aurora before, you must come to Iceland. This country also has hot springs, glaciers, and volcanoes. It is perfect for you who love nature. And if you need to party, you can always have it at Reykjavick in Summer.

#2 France

France is a gorgeous country. It offers you with various tourist destinations and entertainment day and night. Your holiday in France will not be perfect without visiting the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Cote d’azure.

#3 Italy

Italy is an exotic country. It also offers you with wonderful attractions. Italy has many attractive cities. You must not miss Rome, Vatikan, and Madrid. And if you want a romantic holiday, you must put Venice in your list of Italian cities you must visit.

#4 England

In England, you can enjoy the beauty of the nature and manmade alike. One of the most famous tourist spots in Britain is the Stonehenge. It is mysterious and mystical. You must also not miss to visit the Windsor Castle, Hadrian’s Wall, and Lake District in England.

#5 Turkey

Turkey is a unique country. It is a transition between Asia and Europe. It is also full with holiday destinations. Many cruises even have stopped by in several ports in this Country. While you are in Turkey, you must not miss Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Ephesus ancient city.

#6 USA

USA is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. It offers you with great cities, charming entertainment, and nature beauties. Don’t forget visit Yosemite national park, Disney Land, and the Big Apple while you are here.

#7 Greece

Greek is an interesting country. One of its charms is Kalamata. In this region, you can enjoy breathtaking beaches and choose various water sports to do. If you are tired, you can always relax and dine in local restaurants and bars.

#8 Costa Rica

Another country that offers you with wonderful water sport experience is Costa Rica. The beaches in this country are beautiful and great for surfing. If you have enough of these beaches, you can explore Rincon de la Vieja volcano national park, wildlife treks, and Monteverde Cloud Forest.

#9 Bali

This small island offers you with unforgettable holiday. In this island you can enjoy many water sports on its beautiful beaches and witness unique culture.

# 10 Egypt

If you love history, you must have a holiday in Egypt. In this country, you can see the grand Pyramid and Sphinx. You can also enjoy a Nile cruise and visit museums.

Now that you know the list of top 10 holiday destinations, you can start planning for your holiday.